Jennifer Aponte
Certified Makeup Artist

Check out what other professionals & clients have said about Jennifer;

 -   Jessica Leigh Photography - The Blog - Makeup Artistis & Photographers - May 10th 2011
     Click on the below link - scroll down to the second row of Images, click on the Image titled 
      Makeup Artists & Photographers & enjoy!!/2011/05/makeup-artists-and-photographers.html

 -   Note from Beth S - Queens, NY 11/15/2010
     The wedding was amazing and your make-up was such a huge part of making my day perfect!  
     Thank you so very much.  Attached are a few photos I hope you will enjoy.  Thank you for being 
     early and for making my matron of honor and mother look beautiful as well.  What a wonderful day.
     Thank you again!
     Warm wishes, Beth

- Note from Carrie B - Yonkers, NY 6/20/2011
    I had a great experience at my makeup lesson! Jenn was really nice, patient and knowledgeable. She provided me with   all the info on what works best for my features. I would definitely recommend having a makeup lesson/application with    her!  

- Note from Allison K- Brooklyn, NY 8/21/2011
  Jenn is extremely organized and a true perfectionist as well as a very talented makeup artist. She helped to make my      photoshoot go perfectly.  I never had my makeup airbrushed before, t
he results were flawless!

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